Contributing to the project

What to do?

You can participate to the OpenMHP project in many different levels. You can download the binaries and then give us feedback about the bugs, features and such things. Or you can download the source code and make the bug fixes yourself. If you like, you can then send the fixes to the project maintainer, who will then review your code. If your code is acceptable, it will be then added to the next release of the OpenMHP.

There are hundreds of functionalities that are not yet implemented in the OpenMHP code. Some of the functionalities are listed, some are not. You can choose your favourite topic and start to implement it. It is a good idea to ask from the OpenMHP forum, if someone is already implementing the same thing. If you are the first one to implement a certain functionality, your solution is working and is planned nicely, it will be added to the next release of the OpenMHP.

The software architecture is also open for discussion. If you think you have a good idea for the architecture, send your solutions to a project maintainer or to the forum. Your ideas will then get reviewed by professionals, and will get seriously concerned when the future changes to the system designs are discussed.

How to submit code to the OpenMHP project?

You can send your code submissions to 


The modifications to be incorporated into the version distributed by the OpenMHP project, the author of the modifications must assign copyrights of the modifications to the OpenMHP project.