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Such an experience would never have been born without the invaluable cooperation of our partners, on both technical and financial sides:

ICT Turku Ltd.

The primary goal of ICT Turku Ltd. is to develop the ICT cluster in Southwest Finland into an internationally successful entity of actors. ICT Turku unites the ICT companies, universities, research centres, other educational institutions and public services of Southwest Finland. ICT companies also include companies in the fields of cultural production and digital content production.


The ArviD programme of the Ministry of Transport and Communications Finland promotes the use of the digital-TV by:

  • sponsoring development of service innovations ranging from entertainment to business applications
  • initiating cluster-wide measures to enhance the basic conditions of service production
  • creating a network for cluster-wide collaboration

The programme relies on a cluster supported view, that by the end of the decade the digital-TV, exploiting the best features of broadcast service and evolving consumer habits, has assumed a well recognised role as a channel for entertainment, information, participation, learning and business.
The 2-year ArviD programme started on February 24th 2004. ArviD is open for all organisations in digital-TV content context. Joining the programme is free of charge.

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