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The First Thing To Prepare In Painting Wall

When hiring professional one man and a brush we already know the result of the paint job will be great. However, if you want to paint your house without professional help but with the same great result, you need to consider a few things. Priming the walls is the first thing you need to do. Many people think that primer is just a thin, insignificant paint. Though its use is very influential to help paint blend into the surface of the wall. So that the paint color you use looks more shiny and smooth. Some parts of the wall cannot be reached by roller. For that, you need to provide a stiff brush so that it can reach parts such as the corner of the wall or the ceiling line. You can choose a hand brush that is two inches wide or more, as needed.

So that the paint does not accumulate and drip irregularly, do not soak the brush in too deep. Simply dip in about a third to a half of the bristles. Then wipe the wall slowly and evenly. Taking on too much paint at one time can create a mess that hinders your painting process. There are many types of rollers on the market. When choosing a roller, pay close attention to the type of paint that will be used. When choosing an oil-based paint, use a roller made from natural fabrics. However, if the paint is oil-based, choose a synthetic material. Choosing the wrong roller will make the paint clump on the fabric and make your walls look messy. Also, pay attention to the absorbency of the material and the characteristics of the result, this will affect the length of time you paint.

If you decide to paint the walls with several different colors, do the coloring one by one. For that, determine what color will be the basis first. Then focus on working on the base color until it’s finished and dry, then move on to the next color. Don’t be in a hurry to want to finish quickly, of course, you don’t want to have to repeat the painting process from scratch because of an error when mixing wall colors.