Uses Of Sheet Pile Concrete For Building & Road Construction

Sheet pile has the meaning of a construction material that has a sheet-like shape and is formed with a concrete base. In general, sheet piling is known as a construction that can be used as a soil barrier to prevent natural disasters such as landslides and others. This concrete sheet pile is very popular because the price is very affordable and also the installation process by CMI Limited Co is easy.

Sheet piles are often used to meet the needs of various large projects. One example of this project is as a retaining wall found in a highway cliff building project or river cliff building, besides that, it can also be used as an excavation cliff retainer. This ghost can also be used for basic building materials found in a ship port area or pier wall. Another function of this sheet pile is as a dam.

There have been many contractors who prefer this concrete sheet pile to be applied in every building project. Of course, this happens because this concrete sheet pile has many advantages, one of which is easy in the handling process. This concrete sheet pile can also be used regularly, the concrete sheet pile has a fairly high level of durability and is also resistant to corrosion due to weather changes, the concrete sheet pile product is famous for its very easy connection process.

However, there are drawbacks to this concrete sheet pile, namely, this concrete sheet pile is not suitable if it is used to hold very high soil. Because this sheet pile requires a very large material cross-sectional area and also has a large size. However, concrete sheet piles also cannot be used for soil areas that contain a lot of rocks, because during the erection process in soil areas containing a lot of rocks it will be more difficult.

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